New Pallet Manufacturer

We manufacture new 3 legged 4-way wooden pallets in the following sizes: euro size pallets 1200mm x 800mm, half euro size pallets 800mm x 600mm and UK standard size pallets 1200mm x 1000mm, as well as other custom-made pallets. Our modern production facilities allow us to be highly flexible on sizes, which means you can rely on us to always meet customer demand.

Based in Bury, Greater Manchester, our trading office is fully-owned by a dynamic mid-size sawmilling company in Latvia, which was founded in the mid-nineties and specialised in forest management, harvesting, haulage, sawmilling and production of packaging, wood fuel and furniture components.

We are able to meet the time-sensitive demands of our customer base, as our own hardwood log sawmilling guarantees a constant supply of raw material.

B2B Deliveries

We offer full load direct deliveries from our production site for producers who produce goods for either domestic market or export and require new heat-treated wooden pallets in larger volumes to keep the costs down as low as possible. Thanks to our automated manufacturing process, the constant availability of our raw material base, and comparable lower labour costs, we are able to achieve the best synergy between new wooden pallet pricing and lead time. So get in touch today and ask for your personal quote for our standard pallet sizes or custom-made pallets now!